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Swim with the whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef

Imagine being surrounded by fish of every size and colour, playful manta rays, and lively turtles. As you take it all in, the largest creature you have ever seen gracefully swims by — a whale shark is welcoming you to her home.

Join a once-in-a-lifetime whale shark swimming tour and experience the wild splendour of the Ningaloo Reef.  This oceanic tour is a day-long adventure which includes plenty of time spent snorkelling with peaceful whale sharks and hundreds of species of marine creatures. The diverse and exciting wildlife will create lasting memories.


Once on board you will be kitted out with wet suit & snorkel gear. A spotter plane will already be in the air, searching for whale sharks as they feed.

A light morning tea and later a delicious lunch is served. Snacks are also provided throughout the day.

There may be time for a snorkel at different sites along the Reef. Throughout the day, the crew will be searching for turtles, rays, dolphins, dugongs and sea birds.

Field work, contributing to vital scientific research programs in the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Marine Park, is conducted on each cruise. You can get involved with data collection and there will be presentations regarding biology and habitat of the Whale Sharks and other marine life.

The whale shark will be continually moving so swimming is required during interaction; you will need to be a confident swimmer, able to snorkel and able to swim freestyle. Whale sharks are found in the open ocean so you may be swimming in current and swell.

Government regulations allow a maximum of 60 minutes swimming with one shark. The duration of each swim is completely determined by the whale shark. If the whale shark "dives" we send the spotter plane up to search for another shark. A maximum of 10 people can be in the water with a whale shark. You may be lucky enough to swim with more than one whale shark during the course of the day, however you should set your own pace and may choose not to swim each time. If you are not comfortable doing the swim you can participate as an ‘observer’.

Start your journey

Whaleshark swimming happens between 01 April through 31 July every season on the Ningaloo Reef. 

Ningaloo Shark Tour from just:

Adults - $410 per person
Seniors - $390
Child - $290

Family package from $1,260
(2 adults, 2 children)

Enquire for more information and availability.

Call +61 2 8270 4800 to book.

The minimum age for a child is 10 years old, however we can consider younger children if the parents are confident with their ability to snorkel in the open ocean. Parents are responsible for their children at all times both on the boat and in the water. Children can participate as an ‘observer’ however one parent must accompany the children on-board the boat at all times.

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